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Before Accutane is prescribed to a patient, the dermatologist often asks the patient a series of questions pertaining to the patient's mental and physical health. Patients are also asked about what medications, vitamins and herbal supplements they take and most often blood tests are administered prior to prescribing this drug. Women of child-bearing age are required to take pregnancy tests and need two negative tests before Accutane is prescribed. The reason patients must undergo pre-testing before given this medication is because Accutane can cause some rather serious side effects including mental health conditions.

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There have been cases of patients developing depressing after taking Accutane. Some people taking this medication report that they see and hear things which are not real and that they have thoughts of ending their lives. Other serious side effects associated with Accutane include a rise in blood cholesterol, high triglyceride levels and abnormal levels of liver enzymes. These serious side effects are why blood testing is done before prescribing this drug as well as intermittently during treatment. Less serious side effects of Accutane to be aware of include inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, dry skin, dry mouth, dry nose and nosebleeds. Some patients report having muscle aches, sensitivity to light and a decrease in night vision.

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All of the above mentioned side effects typically cease once the medication is stopped. Patients who are prescribed this medication are told by their doctors to immediately report any side effects they experience so that medication doses can be altered and/or blood testing done intermittently in the attempt to decrease or stop the side effects from occurring.

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